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Performance measurement in marketing is very important. It can tell you much about your customers and visitors. Knowing specific information about customers' actions can help marketers adapt better to the market, and it can show trends. Marketers can get a good “return on investment” by spending some time collecting and analyzing different information related to their business.

In digital marketing, it’s important to have a well thought out measurement model. If a company has clear goals of what they are trying to achieve, they can find the perfect metric for its purpose, and analyze it over time to check if their actions affect the specific metric. It can also be done the other way around. They can start with a metric, and then try to adapt to improve the numbers of this metric. They can then find out the best way to impact these numbers, and perform a thorough marketing-action.

Measuring performance can also give a good indicator if the money a company spends on different marketing activities profits, or if it just isn’t worth it. Maybe they must change the budget for next year? It gives the company brand awareness and an overview of what's actually happening in the interaction between the company and its customers. Performance measurement is much broader now in these digital days we live in, and it helps companies getting to know their strengths and weaknesses better.

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