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LOYAL CUSTOMERS from marketing campaigns

Have you ever thought about how one single marketing campaign can drive new customers to your business, and keep them loyal for years? In this post, I'll share with you an experience I had myself, being affected by a marketing campaign, and staying a customer for years. In 2019, I'm still a loyal customer of this brand.

The brand I'm talking about is Samsung. When the iPhone started to become popular in 2009, I was hooked on it. I had several iPhones after this, and I considered myself as an apple-person. For me, Samsung was not even in the picture when I was thinking about getting a new phone. Before the iPhone, I had a Sony Ericsson and Nokia. I never had a Samsung phone.

In 2015, Samsung 6 was released. I’ve always been interested in technology, and I saw this commercial for this new Samsung phone. I went to YouTube to check it out, and mainly how good the camera performed. I found a great review on YouTube with a test-video of the camera. I was really impressed, and I felt like it performed better than any iPhone I’ve had.

At this time, I was going to buy a new phone, because my iPhone was broken.

I saw this advertisement for a good deal on the Samsung 6, and with the confidence I got from the Youtube-review, I bought it. When I got it, I watched another video about all its features and more, so I could better understand this new interface. I was used to Apple’s simplicity, but then I started to get really interested in Samsungs creativity and freedom. To this day, I’m still using Samsung. I actually got two Samsung phones, one for my business calls, and one for my private use. I’ve upgraded a bit since 2015, and now I have one Samsung 8+ and one Samsung 9.

After being influenced by a marketing campaign once back in 2015, they kept me as a loyal customer for years. All the information I needed was easily available to me on the internet. YouTube-videos guided me in the process of buying it, and also when I got my new phone, to learn about its features. One single strategical planned marketing campaign can drive new customers to your business. If you provide answers they are looking for easily available, you may end up having yourself some very loyal customers.

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