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Social media has become a goldmine when it comes to advertisement and marketing. One single person can reach out to thousands of followers. Trust is an important factor in any type of marketing. When people follow others, there is a greater chance they trust the person. When we trust someone, it’s easier to pay attention, and it’s easier to believe what the person we trust is saying. Even though we know our influencer is paid to show a product, we still pay more attention to it than we normally would.

For companies, paying influencers to promote a product is big business. It’s also a win-win situation. For the influencer, they get paid (and they should). For the companies, they get to promote their product to a specific segment, which is more likely to pay attention to the advertisement.

Some companies believe it’s better to get huge influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers to promote their product. These influencers will most likely demand more money to promote the product. Their followers are probably also very varied. I believe it’s more effective to reach out to multiple influencers with a smaller amount of followers. These smaller influencers should hold a follower-base in the exact industry or segment you want to target.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you would like to promote a hunting knife which is absolutely great for hunting. Instead of paying Bear Grylls 10.000 $ to promote your product, it could be smarter to do some research on smaller Instagram-profiles (Bear Grylls has 2.8 million followers). Let’s say you reach out to 10 wildlife enthusiasts and hunting enthusiasts with a strong fanbase, around 20-100k followers. Why not pay them 1000$ each for promoting your product? You may not reach out to as many people as with Bear Grylls, but they will most likely have more engaged followers, and the quality of the followers would probably be better. They are simply more likely to be interested in your product.

Using influencers this way is an amazing way of targeting a more accurate audience. The example above can, of course, be scaled down to a smaller amount. Maybe your total budget is 800$, and you split it into 10 influencers with 5-20k followers each. This method can be used for both bigger and smaller budgets, and the influencers are often more than happy to promote your product for fair payment. This trend will probably just increase in 2020.

Happy promoting!

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