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Updated: Apr 4

It's so much talk about "the cloud" these days. But what is it really? Who is using the cloud, and for what purposes could it be used? Is it safe? I’ll do my best to share my knowledge and opinions with you.

Cloud computing is a way of storing data by using the internet. Instead of saving your data on your own physical device, you can upload it to a cloud service on the internet, and from there, access it wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

Your data isn’t flying around up in the cloud, but it’s actually stored in a physical place. Maybe a big warehouse, or a place where a company runs servers 24/7. They have physical security, and back-up solutions to protect your data. It’s important to know this because you are trusting someone else to protect all your data.

There are many benefits to using cloud computing, here are some of them:

  • You can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • No IT maintenance costs (You don’t have to handle IT-related issues, it’s out of your control)

  • What you pay is what you get. If you want more storage, you pay a little bit more.

  • Solid security (Companies providing cloud-services has a solid focus on security, more than we can expect small companies to have)

  • Great backup routines (You can expect your cloud-provider to have great backup-routines to protect your data)

Cloud computing is not just “normal people” using iCloud and Google Cloud for their personal images and videos. More and more companies are using cloud computing by putting their systems into the cloud. Many people work in the cloud. That means they are logging into an online system, where they can access all the companies’ relevant data. If their PC suddenly crashes, they will not lose their work, because they did it in the cloud. Their work is not stored on their own physical computer, they are just using it to access the system where the data is stored.

You may be using the cloud without even knowing it.

Check out this funny and true illustration of memory storage from

Happy Clouding!

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