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The beginning of a new year represents a fresh start for eCommerce companies. New budgets and new goals to be reached. A great way of kickstarting the year is to have a planned marketing strategy for January.

People are expecting sales in January, and there are different approaches to be made. In this post, I’ll give you 3 tips to improve your sales at the beginning of a year. Are you ready for a kickstart in 2020?


1. You could run a campaign on "NEW PRODUCTS". The hottest of the hottest, the "2020" version. People like new things just because they are new. In a study done by researchers from the University of York, they found that people generally expect new things to be better than the thing before.

2. You could run a “WINTER SALE”. If you sell winter-products, it could be nice to change the product assortment before spring and summer. A winter-sale is a nice way of doing so. When you give your sale a name like “WINTER SALE”, people are automatically more engaged. They understand it. They expect the prices to be low. They look for good deals. When you name your campaign or reasonable explain why there is a sale, you can expect more engagement than with just the standard yellow “SALE” sign. Give your customers good offers, and make it a win-win situation.

3. We all know the value of subscribers. Getting customer e-mail addresses is valuable for future marketing campaigns and customer service. Why not create a “FREE GIFT” campaign? Offer the customers something for free, in exchange for their subscription. Those e-mail addresses are probably worth the price. Choose something that is not expensive for you, but at the same time interesting enough that people are willing to write down their e-mail and give it to you. This is a great way of building your customer database, and prepare yourself for upcoming campaigns.

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